Here are five fitness and nutrition tips to help you enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving:

  1. Prioritize vegetables and lean protein: Fill your plate with vegetables and opt for lean protein sources like turkey breast. If you go back for round 2 focus on smaller portions. Think about the typical portion you would eat and cut it in half. Quite often you will find you do not crave the extra servings.
  2. Go for a walk, or 2: Go for a walk after your meal. And let’s be honest, you usually eat some leftovers later, so go for a walk after that meal also. The walk can help with balancing your blood sugar, digest the meal and aid in feeling less bloated. Shoot for a 30-minute walk or a 15-minute walk twice.
  3. Be mindful of liquid calories: I’m talking about alcohol here, people. Let’s remember, there is no benefit to any amount of alcohol. If you must drink, set a limit to 2 drinks, and use low calorie drink mix or diet soda. Alcohol not only affects fat loss but you are also more likely to overeat or choose crappy foods under the influence.
  4. Do not talk home leftovers: OK, you can take home the turkey, but it may be a fight to do so. Leave the pies and high calorie dishes where they are.
  5. Get back on track Friday: Enjoy the holiday feast but get back in routine Friday. Get to the gym, get back on your nutrition plan and hit your process goals right away. Don’t let the feast spread into the weekend.

    Give it a shot and do not forget, Thanksgiving is one day, it’s not all the days leading to Christmas.


With all due respect,