Snacks are a great way to bridge any macronutrient gaps, as well as regulate blood sugar and cravings. Instead of grabbing a low nutrient snack that won’t satisfy your hunger or keep you full, grab a snack that is nutrient and protein dense!!
some of my favorites:
– Fruit and a nut butter
– 1-2 packets of tuna, half an avocado, edamame
– edamame alone
– Greek yogurt (siggis, Chobani, ratio, oikos… optional to add some granola for crunch and more protein!)
– Perfect bar or similar
– Kalahari Beef Jerky (minimally processed!)
– Egg bites
– Protein dense smoothie
Snacking doesn’t have to be complicated as many of these options are grab and go—so instead of opting for a low nutrient grab and go… grab something with high protein and high nutrients!
What’s your favorite snack?