Sugar is quite literally one of the most controversial topics in nutrition. Something to remember—too much of ANYTHING is never a good thing!

First of all, let’s define it. Simply put—sugar is a simple carbohydrate. They are use by the body to provide energy & they are found in fruits, veggies, dairy…

Let’s bust some bullsh*t:

❌Sugar causes weight gain.
Wrong. Does it have effects on weight gain? Absolutely. But you can lose weight eating only donuts AS LONG AS you are in calorie deficit. That said, it will be much harder to achieve health/weight loss goals with a diet full of sugary foods like donuts and sweets.

❌Sugar is addictive.
Wrong. You’re not addicted to sugar. You’ve learned to prioritise hyperpalatable foods (or foods that are pleasing). American marketing has you tricked!

❌You have to eliminate sugar from your diet entirely.
Wrong. Fruit & veggies are SO IMPORTANT! Should you limit your intake of sweets and foods with excess added sugar? Yes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them on occasion. Again, everything in moderation. Your diet must be diverse!

❌Fruit has too much sugar.
If anyone tells you this, please sprint the other direction.

❌Artificial sweeteners increase sugar cravings.
Wrong! Studies show that artificial sweeteners (like aspartame in soda) can AID in weight loss. This does not mean drink hella sodas, but it does mean that claiming artificial sweeteners are to blame is entirely false. *cough cough @drmarkhyman 🦆🚩*

My recommendations for sugar intake:
– 1-3 servings of fruit daily
– 4-8 servings of veggies daily
– Have a balanced amount of carbohydrates throughout the day
– Limit added sugars found in alcohol, sweets, and hyperpalatable foodsK