The answer to weight loss is simple: you must be consuming fewer calories than you are burning.

The actual journey is what’s hard. Our bodies are extremely complex…. There could be heaps of reasons as to why you’re not losing weight.

A few things to check:
🏃🏼‍♀️Are you overestimating your activity level? While watches are a great tool, they’re not 100% accurate and shouldn’t be fully relied on. Remember, low impact & cardio workouts don’t burn as many calories throughout the day as strength training does! Your workout program should have variety! Get up and move throughout the day 🙂

🍺Underestimating alcohol intake? Alcohol is sneaky—often containing many more calories than you think…

🧋Accounting for other liquid cals? Again, liquids can be sneaky!! Make sure you get to know your intake habits.

😴Are you getting quality sleep? Sleep plays a MASSIVE role in our daily lives. Our decisions, our mood, our productivity.

🍳Getting quality B/L/D? Believe it or not—fat loss is much easier when you eat breakfast! Why? You’re not ravenous throughout the day/at dinner. You need to keep your body fuelled every 4-5ish hours while you’re awake.

🥙Are you getting enough food? Too few calories has long term effects on your body… again, your body needs to be fuelled in order to perform.

It could be a deeper issue, so be sure to check in regularly with your docs, RDs, and/or coaches!