There’s a couple trends that I generally see with clients’ weight loss journeys.

Either a) they lost 3-5 pounds in their first 1-2 weeks & continue to lose 0.5-1lb for the next few weeks until they have a “stall” for a few weeks.

That’s when I see clients frustrated… some ready to give up. I have talked to many others and that is when they decided to give up.

That massive drop in weight loss at the beginning is normal—you’ve changed your eating & exercising habits. From there, your body begins to adjust to the new habits… until one day, it appears to stall. But it’s not really a stall… we might need to make a minor adjustment to your plan as your body is ready for a new challenge.

Another trend b) is clients that don’t lose weight at all for a few months. Why? Their body needs more work. You cannot and will not lose weight with a combination of bad sleep, hectic work life (stress), no focus on food quality, or low activity/energy. You have to work towards the health of your body before weight loss can be an option.

Again, this is where people give up. “It’s too hard.” Yeah. It is. It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

I want to remind you of these things:
– Weight loss is complicated. The answer is simple but the method/path to it is very difficult. Be prepared to fight for it.
– Weight loss is not linear. It’s going to fluctuate.
– There is no such thing as a plateau. You just need adjustments to your plan.
– You will not see the results you want in a matter of weeks. Be realistic with your goals based on your habits.
– You will only fail if you give up. Keep trying.

Be patient. Healthy is more than weight loss.