Your ideal balance of health encapsulates all aspects of your life:
👯‍♀️Social life
All four equally contribute to your overall mental (and physical) health. And when one suffers, the rest do, too.

Learning to balance all four takes time and growth. But with consistent work over time, focus will adjust to things that serve you.

Many new fitness journey-ers fall victim to believing that simply placing more focus on exercise will ensure they reach their goals (hi. it me).

There is SO MUCH more to health than just exercise…and health cannot be defined by exercise alone—something that took time for me to learn.

If you decide to invest in yourself and fitness—I’m so proud of you. You have a long, but extremely rewarding journey ahead of you.

Some advice to make this trek a smidge easier:
👉🏼Your food counts. The trend is to believe that simply lowering the quantity of your intake will result in fat loss. While, yes, you will lose weight by eating less, remember that the QUALITY of your intake contributes to the health of your body. Nutrients matter!
👉🏼Exercising 7 days a week aint it. I’m all for being active. Walk everyday. But strength training or doing cardio til your head spins will only result in a) injury, b) hate for exercise, or c) both.
👉🏼REST!!! You’re not cool because you can function off 6 hours of sleep (hi, it me again). 8 uninterrupted hours will be your best friend.
👉🏼Say yes to the things that make you happy and no to the things that do not serve you. Its ok to have off track weekends. It’s ok to enjoy good food…but also—It’s ok to stand out. It’s ok to say no. You’re still fun even if you choose to do something else.