Ok let’s clear the air with the TikTok trends.

If you want to see faster fat loss (while keeping healthy fat loss habits in mind!!!!), then YES—cardio is going to help that. Doing any type of cardio, even light walks, is going to burn a couple hundred extra calories per day.

When it comes to timing of it… it doesn’t matter when for fat loss. Fasted v unfasted also DOES NOT MATTER.

If your goal is to lift heavy in your lifts—do cardio after lifts. You don’t want to be tired walking in to your first compound.

If your goal is cardio based, do cardio first. Again, if you wanna get faster, you don’t wanna be knackered from heavy lifts.

My recommendations:
– Do light cardio daily. Aka walking.
– Do zone 2 cardio 2-4 times per week. Elliptical, stairs, easy hikes, swim, incline walks.
– Do 1-2 harder cardio sessions per week. A strenuous stair session, hike, bike, or run.
– Avoid hectic cardio on leg days unless spaced 6-9 hikers apart. Your legs take long time to recover… let em.