When you sign up to change your lifestyle, your relationship with food is going to change. There will be some sacrifice—but saying no doesn’t mean harsh restriction. Saying no to things that do not align with your goals is eating with purpose of something greater than just enjoying your food.

This doesn’t mean saying no 100% of the time… but 80-90% of the time, do your best to have your days look like this graphic.
– Make fruits a veggies your focus. You should be aiming for 4-8 servings of veggies per day & 3-5 servings of fruit.
– Then, focus on protein. Make protein no less than 25% of each meal.
– Then your “fun food”. Leave room for some foods you enjoy.
– Use spices & seasonings, especially salt.

Remember, healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. There are heaps of fun recipes online.

Your food choices are 90% of your fat loss goals. If you don’t put effort into food, your results will not come when or how you want them to.

80-90% of the time… 17/21 meals each week. You are capable!