While tracking your intake is the most accurate way to truly see what you’re eating, eating mindfully is another great tool for fat loss, muscle gain—you make it.

Both have pros & cons, but let’s just talk about the pros of both, as whatever you choose to do is what’s best for you!

Tracking is the most accurate & what I recommend for clients just starting their journey (dependent on the client!). Tracking helps you learn what’s in your food choices & gives you a journal to reflect on. Learning to track will help you learn to choose better food choices, in many cases. **Before you begin tracking, consult with a certified professional regarding your food relationship history! It’s not for everyone.**

Eating mindfully is a more relaxed way of eating. It means to eat balanced throughout the day, choosing protein, fats, and carbs. Eating mindfully requires you to be connected with yourself! It’s less time consuming to choose foods that make you feel good… **Although more relaxed, it is less accurate when it comes to intake! Healthy doesn’t always mean less!**

Whatever you choose to do, make it a decision that benefits YOU most. Gray Gaines, PHNM Coach