We hear it all the time…
“I’ve just hit a plateau in my weight loss.”

Truth is: there is no plateau when you’re doing what you should be doing.

What does that look like?
✅Moving away from a deficit every number of weeks to find your maintenance, then going back to a deficit if you have more weight to lose.
✅Continuing to track or be mindful of your intake
✅Healthy is not always equal to less
✅Hitting protein to aid in muscle growth & body recomposition
✅Picking up weights at least twice per week
✅Sleeping, damn it. And sleeping well!!
✅Being accountable for liquid calories (I’m looking at you IPAs & ranch 🥲)
✅Walking or getting up often to increase activity
✅Readjusting intake/macros
✅Not relying solely on the scale for progress

This journey is multidimensional. You’re not in a plateau… you just either a) stopped trying so hard or b) don’t know how to improve your current ability!