“I’m barely eating, why can’t I lose this weight??!!”

Let’s chat about the effects of eating too few calories for too long:

Firstly, you may have noticed that energy levels are low & sleep quality is poor. Your workouts are weak and slow. When you don’t feed your body, it will NOT perform, rest, or recover the way you’d like it to.

Your energy has adapted to the little food you’re giving your body which results in a decreased energy output aka you’re burning less calories doing everyday life because your body is trying to preserve that energy.

You may notice you’re irritable and your moods are unpredictable.

Taking it a step further, you may notice your nails and hair are brittle and your skin isn’t looking as hydrated. You’re cold all the time. Your body is nutritionally deficient in vitamins and minerals…

To what might be the most concerning… you’ve lost your menstrual cycle or you’re unable to get pregnant. Your hormones have been affected from over restriction.

Eating less is not always the answer. Weight loss is complicated many times. If you have noticed any of these things—please reach out to me and I will be more than happy to help or connect you with someone that can!

 Gray Gaines, PHNM Coach @gainesxgray