Deterring from your written program isn’t always the best way to go… Examples being adding extra sets and/or reps & decreasing rest time between sets. Your reps, sets, and rest are programmed with safety & effectiveness in mind.

I also want you to remember that not every workout should leave you exhausted, dripping sweat, or sore. These aren’t bad things—they’re just not signs of an effective workout.

But maybe you’d like to push yourself harder inside your program…

Here’s how you can:
🕓Slow your movements down. The more time under tension, the harder that exercise is going to be. Majority of your movements should be focused rather than quick or “just get it done”.
🏋🏼‍♀️Increase your load (if and only if your form is there). Don’t be scared to grab a heavier set of dumbbells!
⏸Add pauses at the bottom or top of your exercise. Again, this is slowing the movement down and really focusing on which muscles are firing.

Your workouts should be challenging, but “hard” doesn’t equal effective!