You might’ve heard me or someone say “the sauna is so good for you!”

Here’s why…

Cardiovascular disease is leading cause of death in the United States—these are heart related diseases like heart attacks and strokes. High stress jobs or lives affect the health of our hearts.

Sauna bathing has been shown to help reduce stress on the heart, especially when paired with a consistent exercise routine & good nutrition.

Sauna bathing can help reduce muscle soreness and joint pain through the activation of heat shock proteins, which are proteins that respond to stressful conditions. Research has shown that saunas could help prevent muscle atrophy in immobilised patients as well 💪🏼

Saunas influence better sleep patterns.

And the best thing in my opinion is the normal solitude of a sauna. 10-20 minutes of silent alone time that I rarely get to grant myself.

My recommendations:
– Sauna 10-20mins x 2-3 per week if you’re able. Work up sweat.
– Mike Wines will say: sauna > steam room > hot shower > nothing!
– Get outside in the sunlight often.
– Replace your salt you sweat out by salting all meals and drinking electrolytes! The more you sweat, the more you need to replace.

Mandate saunas & exercise & healthy food. You’re in control of what you can do for your future health.