We so often forget that rest is a HUGE part of overall health.

Sleep quality not great?
Here’s 5 things that could be keeping you up at night…

☁️Backloading calories
This is simply having more food late afternoon to bed time than wake up to late afternoon. Eating more at the end of the night can cause disrupted sleep. Aim to get 60%+ of your calories in before 3-4pm.
☁️Screen Time
Having your phone in your face 1-2 hours before bed can disrupt your sleep patterns! If you’re bad about it—start with shutting off 15 mins before bed and work your way up slowly to an hour!
Specifically after 1 or 2pm. Caffeine’s half life can be up to 5 or 6 hours!
☁️Lack of sunlight
Mike Wines taught me this one! Sunlight drastically improves mood and rest.
☁️No exercise
No brainer. More movement = better sleep!

How much sleep should you get?
8 hours is optimal!

Gray Gaines, PHNM Coach